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Long-Distance Caregiving

Being a long-distance caregiver can be difficult. Caregiving has many roles and responsibilities, and long-distance caregiving has its own set of unique challenges. You may feel disconnected to your care recipient and may even experience additional stressors due to the distance. It may be comforting to some to know that you are not alone: did you know that 15% of Americans who care for older adults are considered long-distance caregivers? (Health in Aging, 2019)

Preventing caregiver burnout is the number one priority for Aging & In-Home Services’s Family Caregiver Center. Whether you are in the same house or in a different state, AIHS is here to help you on your caregiving journey. Here are a few tips that may help:

Tips for long-distance caregivers:

AIHS offers an array of services to meet you where you are. Just Call Us to learn more about information and assistance, web-based training and support groups! 260-745-1200


Valerie O'Brien

Care Coach

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