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Aging & In-Home Services’ (AIHS) Nutrition Program is funded by the Older Americans Act (OAA). The Older Americans Act supports congregate and home-delivered meals for people aged 60 and older to address the problems of food insecurity, promote socialization, and promote the health and well-being of older adults through nutrition and nutrition-related services. Services are targeted at persons with the greatest social and economic need, with particular attention to low-income older adults, including low-income minority older persons, older persons with limited English proficiency, older persons residing in rural areas, and those at risk for institutionalization.

What services can I receive from the Nutrition Program?

AIHS offers three avenues of support to address the nutritional needs of older adults and persons with disabilities:

  • Meals on Wheels/Home Delivered Meals
    Delivery takes place on scheduled routes. Delivery consists of either five (5) or seven (7) frozen meals complete with milk to meet Older Americans Act (OAA) compliance with established Dietary Guidelines (DGs) and meet the minimum of 33 1/3% of Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for nutrients. Diabetic-specific meals available upon request.

  • Congregate Nutrition Services Site Dining
    Congregate nutrition services are provided at a variety of sites with many sites offering Wellness Café programs to older adults. Reservations must be made by Noon a minimum of one day in advance Monday-Friday. Diabetic-specific meals available upon request.

  • Restaurant Voucher
    AIHS has developed and implemented on a limited basis a voucher program allowing participants to patronize participating restaurants, order from a pre-approved menu of items meeting RDA during a timeframe set by the restaurants. No reservation is required. Vouchers are accepted at 4 sites in Allen County and at Parkview Hospitals in Huntington, LaGrange, Noble and Whitley counties.

Are there eligibility requirements or costs to participate?

There is no cost to participate in the Nutrition Program. However, clients are encouraged to donate $3.00 per meal to support the program. Donations may be made in cash, by check, or charged to a credit card. Each program will have its own set of eligibility. Contact the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) at 260.469.3036 to request an assessment.

  • Meals on Wheels/Home Delivered Meals Eligibility
    Individuals aged 60 or older. Requires completion of a Nutrition Assessment by staff to determine an individual’s limitations in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and need for home-delivered meals.

  • Private Pay/Meals on Wheels Premier
    Individuals not eligible for OAA programs may choose to participate in the private pay program. Delivery consists of either five (5) or seven (7) frozen meals at a cost per meal of $6 plus $2 delivery charge. Call 260-745-1200 to request more information.

  • Restaurant Voucher Eligibility
    Individuals aged 60 or older. Availability of vouchers. OAA Nutrition Screening and Registration must be completed prior to receipt of vouchers.


All eligibility criteria is subject to change based on Older Americans Act requirements and funding availability.

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